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 BlueBots for Head-Admin

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PostSubject: BlueBots for Head-Admin   Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:11 pm

Name: Thomas

Time Zone: Eastern Central

Country: Canada

Age 13


How Professional do you think you are (1-10, 10 being the best): 7

Ingame Name: BlueBots

How long have you've been on HazeyCraft: I've been playing since just about
the start.
Would you ever use power to benefit yourself or others?: I would use my

Experience as a staff member (not as a HazeyCraft Staff. Dont Mention Server Names): Yes I've been staff on about 15 different servers

How long Are You on a Day: 3/4 a day

Describe Yourself (2 Paragraphs Min.):

Education(Highschool? College?):Middle-school

Explain Pex: Pex is used for making permissions for what people can and can't do

Explain Essentials: essentials is a pluggin that lets u have an economy and various more things

Explain WorldEdit: WorldEdit is a wooden axe that u can use to build large areas Quick

Explain WorldGuard: WorldGuard Protects areas for mobs,Explosions, ETC.....

Explain ModifyWorld:

Explain How to Add a Prefix On Pex: /pex user BlueBots prefix set (prefix)

Explain How to Turn On Colored Signs IN Essentials Config:I have never owned my own server so I do no know how to do this config

Explain How to WorldGuard an Area:

Explain Perm Nodes:
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BlueBots for Head-Admin
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